Undelete 360 – File recovery software

Undelete 360 – Free Soft For File Recovery

Undelete 360
Undelete 360 recovery deleted files

Download Undelete360 for Windows

Undelete 360 – program is designed and designed for emergency recovery of deleted files.

Its interface is very simple, even an inexperienced user can handle it.
However, the effectiveness of this program is recognized as the highest among analogues.

How to use  File recovery Undelete 360

  1. Download the Undelete360, run the program on your Windows PC (any version of Windows OS is suitable).

2. In the menu that appears, everything is intuitively clear – specify the desired folder / directory, which previously contained the files that need to be restored.

3. Specify the file type, if desired.

4. Click OK.

Done, the program starts the initialization of all files that have ever been placed in this directory.

You select the ones that you need to restore, select the location of the copy space and click OK

We check the contents of the folder – everything is ready, our files have been restored!

Successful use!

Download Undelete360 for Windows


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