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Brave Browser Download for Windows

Brave Browser Download For Windows

Brave Browser Download is the latest browser powered by the Chromium engine. It differs to a greater extent in its safety, reliability and speed of work.

We found out your needs and immediately disabled all ads that pop up when you browse sites (if necessary, you can enable this option).

Brave Browser Download
Brave Browser Download

Rating: 4.9/5
License: FREE
Version: 1.41.70
Updated: 3.01.2024
ОS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
Interface: English
Category: Browsers
Downloads (today/total):—-138 / 8 848
Size: 1,19 Мб



It is not for nothing that Brave Browser Download is considered the safest – we implemented it on the basis of the principle of anonymous appearance on the network, similar to the TOP tactics.

Many sites such as Facebook, Google, etc. collect our data, including location. Browser BRAVE has functionality that allows you to prevent such spy sites from spying on us.

The built-in cryptocurrency functionality is great for helping you keep track of coin rates in order to make money on it.

Brave Browser Download
Brave Browser Download for Windows

Plus, the Brave Browser is capable of displaying even those sites that are blocked by your provider in your country.

He also has the ability to easily enable the function of the built-in VPN and PROXY server.

In addition, this browser has the ability to assign itself the HTTPS protocol to support secure tracking of the source of referral to sites.

How to install Brave Browser

  1. Download the installation file using the button below
  2. Find the setup file in the resulting archive and run it as administrator
  3. In the installer window that opens, select the version of your operating system and click INSTALL
  4. After installation, a system reboot is required
  5. Use it safely!

ATTENTION! Before downloading the software, we recommend disabling anti-virus programs if they are present on your PC, as the security functions of BRAVE can trigger antivirus.

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